Friday, April 30, 2010

Jewelry and Drawings

Hi!!! I was thinking of something kind of neat that I could do for the blog today and I randomly thought of taking pictures of my jewelry and drawings. Don't get me wrong, they aren't great. I know that. I'm not the most artistic person in the world and I'd much rather draw a design that's symmetrical than a person or something else in real life. Obviously, that right there tells you that I'm not an artist. Well, not a drawing artist. But I still love designs. They are so neat! I have done some over the past few years and my most recent two are at the bottom. I also was going to make a quilt out of the flower drawings that are laying all together but I figured I didn't have the money for that so I gave up. Haha. I would've had to draw so many more!! And just drawing those seven or so took forever! But it was still fun.

I also took some pictures of bracelets and necklaces that I've made. These are my favorites! I absolutely love working with hemp and any kind of colored string. I learned to make them from a book when I was about seven, and ever since, I've enjoyed it so much! Most of the time, you'll find me we
aring one that I've made! If you know me personally and you want one, I will be happy to make one for you. Just ask because most of the time, the price depends on the bracelet or the necklace. 

This one's made of chocolate wrappers!!! =).

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