Friday, April 30, 2010

Jewelry and Drawings

Hi!!! I was thinking of something kind of neat that I could do for the blog today and I randomly thought of taking pictures of my jewelry and drawings. Don't get me wrong, they aren't great. I know that. I'm not the most artistic person in the world and I'd much rather draw a design that's symmetrical than a person or something else in real life. Obviously, that right there tells you that I'm not an artist. Well, not a drawing artist. But I still love designs. They are so neat! I have done some over the past few years and my most recent two are at the bottom. I also was going to make a quilt out of the flower drawings that are laying all together but I figured I didn't have the money for that so I gave up. Haha. I would've had to draw so many more!! And just drawing those seven or so took forever! But it was still fun.

I also took some pictures of bracelets and necklaces that I've made. These are my favorites! I absolutely love working with hemp and any kind of colored string. I learned to make them from a book when I was about seven, and ever since, I've enjoyed it so much! Most of the time, you'll find me we
aring one that I've made! If you know me personally and you want one, I will be happy to make one for you. Just ask because most of the time, the price depends on the bracelet or the necklace. 

This one's made of chocolate wrappers!!! =).

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Guitar is probably the coolest instrument ever, except maybe the trumpet. I'm a little biased though, since I've been playing trumpet for five years. But still, it's awesome. I used to take guitar lessons when I was in 6th grade but after about a year, that was all I could take. I hated practicing and one time, I actually forgot how to play and had to relearn a lot of the chords. They came back fast, but that just goes to show you how much I hated practicing.

Recently, I went downstairs to get my little baby guitar and all my old music books to reteach myself. I retaught myself most of the notes on the first three frets, and a few chords, but it's still a struggle. Isn't it weird how when you're little, you'll beg and beg to quit lessons for something but as you grow up, you wish you never stopped so you'd actually be good?! Haha. That's how I feel. 

But anyways, I thought my little guitar deserved a spot on my blog because he's been in a closet for so long, so I took some pictures of him. =).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Day

Gosh!! We had quite the downpour yesterday. There was even some hail! I was outside taking some pictures and all of a sudden the sky got really dark. I got really excited and kept spinning around in circles looking for a rainbow! Haha. I'm such a dork. But rainbows have sentimental value in my family. The honest truth is that almost every time someone in my family has a hard day and it's rainy out, a rainbow appears. It's true. I promise. And yesterday was one of those days. So guess what?! About two minutes after the storm, I watched a rainbow appear before my eyes. Incredible. It's really cool to think that that rainbow was sent just for you! Rainbows are so beautiful. If you are interested in learning more about them, check out Genesis 9:13-16 and Revelation 4:3. It symbolizes the covenant God made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again. I think it's also God's way of telling us that His love is everlasting! And that he isn't going anywhere. Actually, if you are in an airplane and you look down on a rainbow, it's a circle! A complete circle. So, I believe it's just God's way of saying that His love has no holes and that even when we don't care, he does! 

Anyway, sorry I got carried away with that, but it just means a lot to me. And unfortunately, I only got one picture of the rainbow yesterday (that isn't worthy of being blogged because it wasn't good) because it faded fast, but I did get some other pictures of the rain and some nature before and after the rain. =). So enjoy!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Downtown Staunton

As I updated my blog yesterday, I remembered another little photo shoot that I had with the same girls about two months ago! We actually went to downtown Staunton, a place about twenty minutes from my house. The pictures turned out better than I ever would've hoped. The backdrops are really neat and Annie, Alli, and Sarah all looked stunning. First, we took some pictures under a little building that was run down. It was so cool because it had the word LOVE written on the wall. We knew it was perfect! After that, we took some pictures on an old train. The pictures are all really neat and I enjoyed spending the time with them. I'm so glad I have them because they put up with my annoying obsession with my camera. Hehe. Anyways, here are a few of my favorites.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surprise Visit

I got a surprise visit from three of my best friends yesterday. Sarah just recently got her license so she brought Alli and Annie, who are twins, over to my house. We jumped on the trampoline and took some pictures in my backyard. I just wanted them to be a part of my blog because I love them so much. So I hope you guys enjoy these. =D.


Yesterday, I went over to Jessie's house again for a little camp out! I might have mentioned it in one of my other blogs, but I don't remember. Anyway, we had a blast. Unfortunately, I got there pretty late and my camera was in her basement so I only took a picture or two. Haha. But of course, that didn't make the event any less exciting. When I got there, Jessie had a fire going in the backyard with chairs set up around it. It was so peaceful. Living in the mountains is such an advantage when you want some quiet. It was great. We sat around the fire, telling stories and taking some time for a Bible study and prayer.

After we finished up with that, we played some KGB and Sardines. If you don't know what either of those games are, b
asically you run around in the dark, freaked out that something's gonna pop out of nowhere and tag you, or you run around in the dark looking for people in scary places. Haha!! I was terrified.

After that, we settled down and got in our tents. Yes, we slept outside. We're troopers. And, it rained all night. Haha. We obviously didn't get very wet, but it was really neat. Just being o
utside, in a tent, all warmed up beside like eight different girls with it raining was just a special moment for me. I'm so thankful for my friends!! That's all I've got. Jessie, if you read this, thank you again for having me! You're the greatest.

And I absolutely loved these cute little lights that Jessie's dad hung up. =).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Humpback Rock

A few weeks ago, my friend Sarah and I hiked Humpback, a beautiful trail near where I live in the mountains. We had an absolutely wonderful time! We got lunch and ate it at the top. The trail was quite the hike, especially for me, since I'm so athletic and in great shape. Ohhh... wait. Hehe. But we made it and it was beyond beautiful.

Also, a lady fro
m the Charlottesville newspaper interviewed us and took a bunch of pictures of us. We felt special. Haha. And of course, being me, you know I'm going to take pictures, so we took some of each other as well. 

And here's a little something awesome that we saw on our way out!!